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Rocky Mountain Church


We exist to Elevate our Awe for Christ, In All things, for All people

  • GODS WORD: His Word is just not a document, but the ‘language’ of God Himself. Therefore, when we encounter His Word, we encounter God Himself.
  • Christ’s Body: The church is a ‘people’ that gather for worship. The body of Christ will gather to worship through singing, preaching, and fellowship. The body will then be sent to display and invite others into this experience.
  • God’s World: God’s authority plays itself out in every area of life. Therefore, Rocky will be about teaching/discipling people in understanding how that applies in our personal lives and within the culture we live in.
  • Gospel Proclamation: We believe that the Gospel needs to be declared to all people because it claims power and authority over sin and death. This is our foundation for evangelism and missional expansion.
  • Prayer Dependent: Prayer is not a side ministry, but the focal point for how and why we do ministry in the world we live in.

Rocky Mountain Church


We understand the importance of God’s people gathering in worship. Our congregational worship is multi-generational, modern in feel, with sound Biblical teaching as the bedrock. We believe that God moves in us as we worship and we hope that application and life change happens as we sit under the teaching of His Word. 

Rocky Mountain Church

We believe that the church is one big family, spanning the generations. Moreover, discipleship is a life-long journey of following Christ together, being formed as the people of God. Rocky Mountain Church is committed to each generation and every stage of life, from exploring the Bible with children to finding community as a single to leading discussions about God’s faithfulness with grandparents.

Elevating our Awe for Christ
In All Things

For All People

Rocky Mountain Church


We believe that every believer is invited into God’s mission of redeeming and restoring His world.  As a church, we believe we are called to announce in both word and deed the good news that Jesus is Lord, here and now to ALL the world!  This happens through church planting, global missions and local outreach.  As the Lord sends us leaders, our goal is to pay attention to God’s work in their lives and to cooperate with it.  We take seriously the call to raise them up and send them out for the sake of the world, not holding them back for our own sake.

Rocky Mountain Church


Prayer is one of the ways for Christians to know God intimately and personally. Moreover, it is in prayer that we participate with God in what He is doing on earth. We discern the heart of God and add our “yes” to His Word and work. Prayer is the engine of ministry at Rocky Mountain Church.